The woman I don’t meet on the Internet

I know she’s there. She’s always been there.   On the nooks of my psyche Where I’ve pulled dark drapes To save her from the overwhelming light That the world tries to cast on me -and hence on her.   I try to gather her images, I try to outline her face- A mole by … Continue reading The woman I don’t meet on the Internet


Hope is a funny thing.

Clocks tick and rivers run pages flip and days shun whistles blow wheels roll, dust and mud bang and thud winds flow, in a blow all goes- to nothing from nothing what lasts, no one knows. Who cares, friends or foes? Yet, hope lives beneath woes.      

Perishable Poems

The Bittersweet Post

It’s strange,
how we cheer with the tunes
even when the songs are too short.
It’s lovely
how we create moments,
even when they slip
we find shapes in the clouds
and in running water
though they shift in minutes.
It’s strange
how we create
how we recreate
even when we get nothing in return.
and it’s stranger
how we celebrate
more for the things that don’t give back.
It’s strange,
but it’s beautiful
how we fall in and out
of the stanzas
of these perishable poems
that our lives often scribble.

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Up, on the roads where I walked alone, giant city lights have been glown, they glitter- shimmering- in dark, just because the rain has gone. The wheels rant with a  dreadly noise, This benighted world is long asleep The sunburnt leaves must now be cracking down as the dead feet crumble them deep.   Thoughts … Continue reading Moonrise

Trashing: why are we so good at it?

NEPAL IS A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY. MOUNT EVEREST LIES IN NEPAL. NEPAL IS THE HOME OF THE HIMALAYAN CULTURE. This is what our travel and trek businesses tell their international clients. Or at least this is what we brag about our wicked nation-thanks to our biases- while answering foreigners' questions on Quora and Reddit. Indeed, our mountains and  … Continue reading Trashing: why are we so good at it?

Are our genes making us a failed nation?

Disclaimer: This is not an expert opinion. This is just a trial to poke some rarely discussed subjects with an aim to open up an unbiased dialogue. As a freelancer I spend hours in the internet, and sometimes I stumble upon really interesting stuffs. Few days back, an article in a Nepali news portal caught … Continue reading Are our genes making us a failed nation?

Temporary Fix

When we were kids, some button's of our cotton shirts's sleeve went astray and left us in turmoil. It'd bother us for a while. But in disguise, we were taught rather to fold our sleeves and hide that void away.   Many a times, we were trained ,and told how to make that perfect fold … Continue reading Temporary Fix