An Ode to Creative Bonding

Have you ever read a poem that gave you goose bumps, made a gentle itch in your soul that you desperately wanted to meet the poet in person? Have you ever heard a tune and felt a deep emotional attachment with it that you just wanted to shout out loud to the composer, out of... Continue Reading →



You could go, needless of alarms or surprises. You could bid godspeed and i wouldn't even wave you back. I've always hated goodbyes, still, I wouldn't even ask for you to stay.   Yet even after I've had tried a million times to cleanse your giggles off my memories, your curls that strayed into your... Continue Reading →

Perishable Poems

It's strange, how we cheer with the tunes even when the songs are too short. It's lovely how we create moments, even when they slip we find shapes in the clouds and in running water though they shift in minutes. It's strange how we create how we recreate even when we get nothing in return.... Continue Reading →

A short guide to taming demons.

Unlike metaphors to decrypt, Without references, Without sign-boards on crosswalks, Without any other options, Demons-by default-are born with us.   They just love resting with us, inside the womb, they wait as we do, drained with air, water, fire and earth.   They’re unseen, but they’re as real as our appendages. They copy us. They... Continue Reading →


Let’s go back to letter-writing. Let’s go back to even earlier. Earlier than when Romeo saw Juliet, Earlier than when Adam met Eve, Through space and time, Let’s swim, then fly Let’s go back to hunting for dinners, or even farther to when world was barely born.   There it would be queer. At first.... Continue Reading →

The Schism of Being

How long does it take to dance to the life's tune? We live in a void: the schism between being and appearing is what keeps us alive. Aren't we constantly torn apart by the two forces? One pulls inward, and treats everything with an inherent convergence. The other ploys for emanation, for donning a virtue.... Continue Reading →

​The life story of a water drop.

I might have been sleeping Since the big bang happened, But I just woke up. I woke up with the sun, On top of a dandelion flower, I saw the sunrays coming, to snatch me away  from the wildflower's solace. From violet to bright yellow, the sun changed its colours and warmed me, up into... Continue Reading →

far ends

Where there is the last of the lights, Where there everything remains at edge, On the far end, at the brim of eternity Where the finest of the telescopes don't see, Where silences are never awkward, There lies a door. It leads to the next. And the next to its next.   Every one wants... Continue Reading →

Going places

    I want to be in places, Walk their pavements and stairs, I want to see faces, Eye to eye, heart to heart. I want to be the one with their sundry beats. Forests, dark, I'd love to cross, I want to strain myself horizons afar, I want to kiss sunset, get high on... Continue Reading →

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