We and these wings of ours, clawed by derision flawed with division, our white pigeons that just got caged before being conceived, and never learnt to fly We and the Lords of ours, mounted on stones, preached by thrones Our divine spirits that despise the wicked embrace every denial, but never mean to try We … Continue reading Caged


In between; stereotypes and the middle class millennial

In this age full of digital nuisance, we’re rambling beneath restless heads scoured by seemingly useless college degree that never taught how to live, love, create, and give back. My dear millennial generation infuses itself with an aura of indignation and facile romanticism even though it doesn’t know how or whom to question. We’re chasing … Continue reading In between; stereotypes and the middle class millennial


With winter half-gone and spring yet to come, I'd like to think  I'd better fall in love.   Like many a times in the past when I convinced myself of being that useless romantic, again, I'd like to think I'd better open my heart.   But all the while, I'm too afraid of the heartache … Continue reading February