Comrades’ Technicolor Pants

Decades ago, one cloudy morning bereft of sun, few fathers of anarchy caught cold out of nowhere. Sneezing rhapsodies of how they should've been born cold-blooded, they devised a cunning mantra of raising the mercury forever, thereafter.   Then started the incessant beating of drums made of human skin, framed in more human bones; and... Continue Reading →


About Buddha’s nightmares

Dust is no more IN the wind. Dust is THE wind now. And masks, a new age ornamental, a trial to push death away; so similar to the ones that are almost like something that descends straight from the cerebrum and makes us who we are. Buddha's nightmares were used to not being seen, and... Continue Reading →

From a hilltop.

I don't see any tags that say- "we give you happiness", or "connecting people" , or "you're the best"(and worst); or some raw slogans of making things "better", "again!".   From a hilltop, I can't hear bloodstains splashing white sheets of our being. My lungs stop respiring the normal dose of hypocrisy, I don't feel... Continue Reading →

An Ode to Creative Bonding

Have you ever read a poem that gave you goose bumps, made a gentle itch in your soul that you desperately wanted to meet the poet in person? Have you ever heard a tune and felt a deep emotional attachment with it that you just wanted to shout out loud to the composer, out of... Continue Reading →


You could go, needless of alarms or surprises. You could bid godspeed and i wouldn't even wave you back. I've always hated goodbyes, still, I wouldn't even ask for you to stay.   Yet even after I've had tried a million times to cleanse your giggles off my memories, your curls that strayed into your... Continue Reading →

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