Digital Tales of an Analog Society

Nepal’s urban life when viewed from an observer’s eyes is a splendid spectacle. This mixture of sweat and fume, dust and mud, abundance and crisis is self-celebratory. There are heroes and villains, there are the oppressed and the oppressors that have made a truce to live askance in a disturbed harmony. All the while, there... Continue Reading →


In between; stereotypes and the middle class millennial

In this age full of digital nuisance, we’re rambling beneath restless heads scoured by seemingly useless college degree that never taught how to live, love, create, and give back. My dear millennial generation infuses itself with an aura of indignation and facile romanticism even though it doesn’t know how or whom to question. We’re chasing... Continue Reading →

Cons of Consciousness

I’ve no answers to why I sit down before my keyboard and type. There’s a compulsive urge for spilling my thoughts that I can’t help but give a form. I guess I am securing myself some sanity. Whatsoever, I produced a good, dark cup of coffee minutes before, but that has already turned cold. The... Continue Reading →

From a hilltop.

I don't see any tags that say- "we give you happiness", or "connecting people" , or "you're the best"(and worst); or some raw slogans of making things "better", "again!".   From a hilltop, I can't hear bloodstains splashing white sheets of our being. My lungs stop respiring the normal dose of hypocrisy, I don't feel... Continue Reading →

An Ode to Creative Bonding

Have you ever read a poem that gave you goose bumps, made a gentle itch in your soul that you desperately wanted to meet the poet in person? Have you ever heard a tune and felt a deep emotional attachment with it that you just wanted to shout out loud to the composer, out of... Continue Reading →

The Schism of Being

How long does it take to dance to the life's tune? We live in a void: the schism between being and appearing is what keeps us alive. Aren't we constantly torn apart by the two forces? One pulls inward, and treats everything with an inherent convergence. The other ploys for emanation, for donning a virtue.... Continue Reading →

​The life story of a water drop.

I might have been sleeping Since the big bang happened, But I just woke up. I woke up with the sun, On top of a dandelion flower, I saw the sunrays coming, to snatch me away  from the wildflower's solace. From violet to bright yellow, the sun changed its colours and warmed me, up into... Continue Reading →

the system, mutated!

Biology gifts us with analogies. Mutation is nothing but just a minor change- a codon replaced with the other- that yields a major effect. All has been trans-mutated. All but Democracy, into Democrazy. 'C'  into 'Z'. Function to dysfunction. Like a wild bull unchained, the democracy we pampered has lost its mind and hence its... Continue Reading →

Somehow we live on

                          I consider myself a poorly emoted person but some instances in life leave no other options than questioning own psyche about the perceptions of life and death.  I was shocked to learn about the bike accident of my friend that snatched his... Continue Reading →

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