Comrades’ Technicolor Pants

Decades ago, one cloudy morning bereft of sun, few fathers of anarchy caught cold out of nowhere. Sneezing rhapsodies of how they should've been born cold-blooded, they devised a cunning mantra of raising the mercury forever, thereafter.   Then started the incessant beating of drums made of human skin, framed in more human bones; and... Continue Reading →


About Buddha’s nightmares

Dust is no more IN the wind. Dust is THE wind now. And masks, a new age ornamental, a trial to push death away; so similar to the ones that are almost like something that descends straight from the cerebrum and makes us who we are. Buddha's nightmares were used to not being seen, and... Continue Reading →

the system, mutated!

Biology gifts us with analogies. Mutation is nothing but just a minor change- a codon replaced with the other- that yields a major effect. All has been trans-mutated. All but Democracy, into Democrazy. 'C' ┬áinto 'Z'. Function to dysfunction. Like a wild bull unchained, the democracy we pampered has lost its mind and hence its... Continue Reading →

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