Promises are cancerous.
I don’t make any of them.

but, that I’ll say.
Stay for a few more cups.
Stay for some more time.
Let’s kill time, and age together.
Let’s draw lines in hours.

If you’re wondering what is behind the black of our eyes.
I also don’t know what,
but stay, and my eyes are all yours.

Stargaze into me and unfold.
just let me read of you, untold.
There’s no need of another piece
It’s all simple- as easy as this:
You won’t even have to love me,
And though
‘unconditional love’ is a failed theory,
you just breathe, try just to be,
but all the while-of course -with me.

There are some conditions though.
Stay if
And only If
You’ve had a chitchat with my demons,
or if you’ve fought a few of your own.

If you’re up for a strange ride, stay.

But go,
I beg,
if you’re seeking
a jump from this to that place
where millions alike are already yawning.

Go if you love speed and races and fast cars,
if you love downtown highs or weekend bars,
Don’t take me wrong.
I love partying. I just hate parties.
go if you find firecrackers beautiful
go and don’t return,
evaporate from my memory pool.

But stay if it’s okay for you
to push dinners few hours late
while we quibble over silly things
as Gilmour’s fingers sob in the background.
Stay if it’s okay to have black color for walls.
If you find cloudy days no more gloomy,
If you think that the rain’s overrated
but are addicted to petrichor;

I can’t promise of a sweet company.
Not just because I’m a hard man
But also because promises are cancerous.

Yet, stay for a cosmic trial.


One thought on “At your will

  1. I love the scents around me after the rainfall. Those were beautiful lines.
    I also feel partial to how the asphalt or cement sidewalks smell to, although it’s not common or typical

    Liked by 1 person

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