I don’t see any tags

that say- “we give you happiness”,

or “connecting people” ,

or “you’re the best”(and worst);

or some raw slogans of making things “better”, “again!”.


From a hilltop,

I can’t hear bloodstains splashing white sheets of our being.

My lungs stop respiring the normal dose of hypocrisy,

I don’t feel them ‘milestones’,

or any other  futile cliches

that have been worn out as if they got raped for eternity,

I can’t taste the wicked aura

of our indignition, our conformation,

our normalization,

and many other ‘tion’s

bred by evolu-‘tion’

that were meant to hallucinate  us and never let us climb.

Or for that matter, fly!


I don’t want to sound like a poet,

and from the hill-top,

I see that we better even not try.







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