I want to be in places,

Walk their pavements and stairs,

I want to see faces,

Eye to eye, heart to heart.

I want to be the one with their sundry beats.
Forests, dark, I’d love to cross,

I want to strain myself horizons afar,

I want to kiss sunset, get high on its hue

I’d like to find

if what’s said of earth is true.

That’s why sometimes I wander.

Away from the irregular regularity,

Far from noises

Away from shame and pity,

of senseless voices.

Wandering I find,

At times from hill-tops,

river runs both ways.

Other times I find

It’s just twelve hours,

as the world snores by,

before sunrise, darkness  pays.

In clouds and snow-flakes,

In white rivers and blue lakes,


I see,

myself and my reflections.

But I still can’t say which one’s which.
So I want to be in more places.

Or rather, I need to be.


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