Biology gifts us with analogies. Mutation is nothing but just a minor change- a codon replaced with the other- that yields a major effect.

All has been trans-mutated. All but Democracy, into Democrazy. ‘C’  into ‘Z’. Function to dysfunction.

Like a wild bull unchained, the democracy we pampered has lost its mind and hence its form. It’s gone madly out of control, and now it dances naked at our forefronts. So, ‘democrazy’ justifiably suits the essence. It has grown into its supernatural form; more like a shapeshifter: just been born for less than seven decades, it has shifted shapes. It has bulked and shrunk: to and from monarchial – multipartite – republic – INSANE! What could be more exciting?

You can ponder for a day, or month or an epoch. You can dig; what has our politics nurtured, besides ruling and ruining? Hey, here’s the answer: Nothing.

The world demands order, and order demands ruling. Rule in your interest. Rule for you and yours. Let others be. Let them shrink of winter and soak of monsoon. Let them starve and die. Who cares? Let their houses crumble and watch them cry. Ain’t got no eye for that. The view from the (Singha)durbar’s window is just so majestic! Look at the fountain, stroll around the gardens. Nothing else exists. Never did. Might sound monstrous, but it’s alright as long as convenience is on your side.

If things didn’t work out for you to make it to the palace, don’t worry. You’ve still got other muses. Ruin! Ruin for your disgust. Ruin because  it’s not yours. Isn’t it fun?  How virtuous it is: to not let anyone have it, because you don’t have it; to not let anyone do it, because you couldn’t do it. Making is so banal. Breaking is what you’re supposed to master. Break  systems. Break monuments and glasses. Don’t you forget- disruption is your dope. Spill blood and demolish peace. Make noise, be violent, torment the silent, hit and hide, embellish your pride. That’s what makes you a rebel. That’s what you were born for. To oppose-for the people, by the people!

But wait. Brew ideologies, and sacrifice them. For the sake, of course, of consensus. Consensus to savor the fruits ripened by the virtue of those you’ll rule. There will dawn a day when the ones you now call your foes will join in hands with you. Till then, keep up the act and play your role. Break. Keep on breaking, until the time comes for you to hone on the throne. Every dog has it’s day.

If possible, learn some lessons from high-school mathematics. You are expected to have a good knowledge of equations. How many for how much? You shall in any given day be asked to execute. Majority is something mathematically mechanical- calculated then assembled, and authenticity is a product in guise- synthesized. Here, all it takes to govern is just a handful of puppets tossed about like a ping-pong ball: from coalition to opposition, from left to the right and right to the left, from this ‘-ism’ to that ‘-ism’. So, get in the lot. Don’t dream, don’t be so naïve. Grow up, and be a man. For only a man can rule.

And if you are among the ruled (as is highly probable by the laws of proportion), just sit and stare. You have your concerns, it is known. But not admitted. Keep on toiling and sweat and perspire, keep on boiling with the heat and fire, but remember, you are a puny and your ruler’s a giant. You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. So better give in to the indifference. Don’t revolt. Don’t bother raising your voice. You’re done with your part as soon as they locked the ballet box and carted them away. You meant something, but that’s over now.

In another subset of the ruled: you might be among those known for young age and rebellious rage, and you might argue that your angst won’t let you be calm. Listen, you are not getting it right. What’s happened to your wisdom? Where’s your knowledge?  You went to school, and then college, right? And then to university, probably. Didn’t you?  So what’s the fuss about? Bring in your certificates. The rulers have been baking plans for you. Deposit the proof that you toiled for the degree. Isn’t it worth a sum of few lakhs? What do you say? Don’t be so greedy and don’t question what his money can do. It’s not a disgrace. This muck can buy you tickets, one way aeroplane tickets. Economy class. What more could one ask for?


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