There was nothing.


Electrons didn’t even exist.

There were no stars, no winds flew then

Nothing ever happened, no clouds then rained

No sounds ever echoed, but then came the men,

By their virtues, all white sheets stained.

‘Once’ became too far away

Time’s wings grew big each day,

And the cosmos went astray

Stars always died,

But never listened when we prayed.


Electrons rule.

In the cell, inside genes,

Electrons dance,

They romance,

When in terms, energy spins.

Electrons hide

They reside,

And send the universe to crazy ride!

Beneath the neurons in our cerebrum,

Incognito goes electrons’ tantrum

They dance unseen, they play the role

To all that we see, they gift a soul.

Through the wires we spread along,

Electrons sing their eternal song

They are the masters,

 they ruled since ages

And kept men indebted

 in their charged cages.


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