Somehow we live on


I consider myself a poorly emoted person but some instances in life leave no other options than questioning own psyche about the perceptions of life and death.  I was shocked to learn about the bike accident of my friend that snatched his life at his tender age of early twenties. Attending his funeral was one of the emotionally fractious moment for me.. As he was burnt to ashes at the ghat as per the rituals in hindu  tradition, many unanswered questions rumbled through my head. The memories of that person are the only things that remain back of him. Tears sipped out my inner eyes as I remembered how we used to laugh at the jokes he cracked and how his sense of humor made him a social person. I remembered him waving off before he took off to Phillipines to pursue his MBBS degree and it compelled me towards mere confusion regarding the delicacy of life. As I gave an uneasy glance to his body before the funeral, I unwillingly accepted the fact that his life had come to an end. The echoes of his keen’s whine surrounded  my ears and I was in search of words to sympathetize them. But does it even matter afterall?  Saroj is gone now and no words can bring him back. Such is the cruelty of life, such is our misery. Life is seriously fragile. Whatever we may do; wherever we may go our lives are always bound by the obvious traps of death.

If anything’s certain in this universe, that’s uncertainty. We’ve been trying to adjust to this uncertainty from the very moment of our birth. Our lives are strangely webbed with each other’s choices, necessities, happiness, sorrows, and acceptances. As a student of biology I sometimes think that life is an artful combination of all the biochemical reactions backed by some kind of energy we consume. But these opinions of mine can’t satisfy myself when I look upon the sacrifices we make , when I think of the relationships we build and the pain we carry so as to give a meaningful reason to our lives. Our emotions, senses of fear and pain , satisfaction and indifferences have been all evolved in a long phase of time so as to support the sustainability of life. As the creatures with strongest brains, human beings have been able establish a legacy of their own , yet  the ultimate fear of death still binds us. No matter how prosperous we may have been physically and economically, we can never win over the ultimate truth of life, that is, death.

In a society such as ours, death is often  regarded  not as an end but an opening towards an abstract phenomena of afterlife. Is it even sane to talk about afterlife in this scientific age? Though the questions remain unanswered, what we need to focus on is life but not death. As said by the historical philosopher Da Vinci, “while I thought I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die”, living has always been equivalent to preparing to die. To live means to die, no one can deny that; but the fact that we’ll have to die doesn’t change the necessity of human life to struggle, survive and flourish. Though we can’t live forever , what matters the most is how we live when we’re alive.  The dynamic chain of change and development is attached to us from the very moment of our birth. Though we may have to die someday, what we leave behind is a plentiful of impacts we’ve made when we were alive. And it’s upto us , what kind of impact we want it to be, the one that the future behind us can cherish or the one our future will have to wipe out.

To a mother, she’ll lose a son, to a sister, she’ll lose a brother, to a friend, it’ll be a loss of a company and to a beloved, it’ll be a loss of a piece of their own life. Above all the losses, when we die, what counts is what difference to this world, to the humanity and mankind have our life made so far? Does our biological end has to be an end to our existence or are their other possibilities too? I believe that our death doesn’t need to be the stoppage to our existence. We’ll continue to exist as memories and histories even after we’re not around here walking and breathing. I believe people who don’t have their lives anymore are still alive somehow, Saroj is still alive somehow , in our memories , and won’t cease to exist even after we’re gone.


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